Genetics Traits Warm-up:

Directions: Answer the following questions about your own physical traits.
1. What color is your hair?

2. What color are your eyes?

3. Are your eyebrows the same color as your hair, lighter than your hair or darker than your hair?

4. What color is your skin?

5. Do you have dimples?

6. Is your hair curly, wavy, or straight?

7. Is your face round or square?

8. Do you have a cleft in your chin?

9. Do you have a free ear lobe or an attached ear lobe?

10. Do you have a widow’s peak?

11. Do you have hair on your fingers?

12. Do you have long eye lashes or short eyelashes?

13. Do you have bushy or fine eyebrows?

14. Do you have a big nose, a medium nose or a small nose?

15. Do you have thick lips or thin lips?

Directions: Pick one of your relatives (Parent, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, Cousin, etc…) to compare yourself to and then answer the following questions about that relative.
1. Which relative are you comparing yourself to?

2. What color is your relative’s hair?

3. What color are your relative’s eyes?

4. Does your relative have dimples?

5. Does your relative have wavy, curly, or straight hair?

Directions: 1st Tally the # of people with each trait at your table. Then Tally the # of people with each trait for your entire class. Finally, analyze your data by answering the last 7 Data Analysis Questions.

Black Hair
Red Hair
Medium Brown Hair
Dark Brown Hair
Light Brown Hair
Dark Blonde Hair
Medium Blonde Hair
Light Blonde Hair
Pale Yellow Blonde Hair
Dark Brown Eyes
Medium Brown Eyes
Light Brown Eyes
Hazel Eyes
Green Eyes
Dark Blue Eyes
Medium Blue Eyes
Light Blue Eyes
Gray-Blue Eyes
Light Skin
Medium Skin
Dark Skin
No Dimples
Curly Hair
Wavy Hair
Straight Hair
Round Face
Square Face
Cleft in Chin
No Cleft in Chin
Free Ear Lobe
Attached Ear Lobe
Widow’s Peak
No Widow’s Peak
Hair on Fingers
No Hair on Fingers
Long Eyelashes
Medium Eyelashes
Short Eyelashes
Bushy Eyebrows
Medium Eyebrows
Fine Eyebrows
Big Nose
Medium Nose
Small Nose
Thick Lips
Medium Lips
Thin Lips

1.) According to the data, which hair color is more dominant?

2.) According to the data which eye color is more dominant?

3.) According to the data, are there more people with or without dimples?

4.) According to the data, which hair type is more dominant?

5.) According to the data, do more people have round or square faces?

6.) According to the data, are there more people with or without a chin cleft?

7.) According to the data, do more people have attached ear lobes or free ear lobes?

8.) According to the data, are there more people with or without a widow’s peak?

9.) Do you think that this data is accurate? Why or why not?


Directions: Students need to create 3 bar graphs to represent the data they discussed in the above questions.

1. Hair Color & Eye Color Bar Graph

2. Chin Cleft, Ear Lobes & Widow's Peak Bar Graph

3. Dimples, Hair Type & Face Shape Bar Graph